PRP Injections

Platelet rich plasma procedure:

A Platelet-Rich Plasma injection is not a complicated procedure.

When you arrive we’ll take blood from you, the same way you’ve had your blood taken before.

In our laboratory we’ll centrifuge the blood to separate out the red blood cells – which will be discarded. We’ll then centrifuge the blood one more time in order to concentrate the platelets suspended in your plasma (the liquid portion of blood). This is important because platelets have large concentrations of growth factors within them – and it is these growth factors we’re trying to isolate.

Once we’ve accomplished our goal of concentrating your platelets in plasma (hence the expression “platelet-rich plasma”) we’ll give you some numbing medication.  Finally, we’ll inject the PRP directly in to your damaged tissue.

One PRP injection is all you should require, though you’re welcome to come back to our office after 30 days for one additional FREE PRP injection.

PRP therapy gives real relief of pain and inflammation within 60 days of the original injection, though some patients report getting relief earlier.  You should not require more than two injections in a year. You can expect the results of PRP therapy to last approximately one year, though some patients report relief for up to 18 months.